Up and Running

2009-05-27 19:17:18 by kristofori


Thanks to Bad-Man-Incorporated for approving me.

Posted two tracks today, both from earlier contracts I've done with www.qgia.com

Just to give you a quick lowdown on my loadout, I am running a Pro Tools LE 8 rig on a custom built PC with 32-bit Vista, 8GB of RAM, and an Intel Quad-Core Extreme 3.0 Ghz. It is upgraded with the Music Production Toolkit from Digidesign. Most of my VI plugs are A.I.R. or Factory 003, the only non-Digi instrument I use right now is Stylus RMX by Spectrasonics. If I ever get this rig paid off and get some more money I will be getting some more third-party instruments and plug ins.

I'm currently taking level 100 Pro Tools courses through Berkleemusic.com which will be followed by mixing and mastering classes next year. I'm still an amateur, so a lot of what I'm going to be posting will be school assignments and me just messing around with theory I've learned from class.

The main reason I joined NG was because of Edgir Nielson, aka funy_mony. I'm hoping to work with him on a project he's got going. We'll see how it turns out, ya? :)

That's all for now.

Waiting Patiently...

2009-05-23 03:52:24 by kristofori


Not a lot to see right now, but when a mod decides my first submission is okay, I'll be posting more.

I'm a student of all genre's of music, so you'll be seeing a wide array of styles at your disposal. I do requests, too, if the price is right. Just tell me what you want, how long you want it and what its for and I'll do my best to make you and your audience/marketing demographic happy! (So long as you make my wallet happy as well :D )

Here is a sample of my work:

competition-m4cqb-navy-aeg-airsoft-rif le.html

That is all.