Entry #1

Waiting Patiently...

2009-05-23 03:52:24 by kristofori


Not a lot to see right now, but when a mod decides my first submission is okay, I'll be posting more.

I'm a student of all genre's of music, so you'll be seeing a wide array of styles at your disposal. I do requests, too, if the price is right. Just tell me what you want, how long you want it and what its for and I'll do my best to make you and your audience/marketing demographic happy! (So long as you make my wallet happy as well :D )

Here is a sample of my work:

competition-m4cqb-navy-aeg-airsoft-rif le.html

That is all.


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2009-05-23 04:17:17

looking forward to your works


2009-05-23 17:52:50

HELLAH!- YOU GO GURL!~ Haha. can't wit to see you rockin it up in newgrounds, mang.

kristofori responds:

Ed, you're a crazy mutha heffa. I'll do music for you for free! :D


2009-05-27 02:15:26

"Music is Property of Solid Shell Acoustics, free to use under NG License. For use outside of NG, please contact me to arrange a new license."

I've got a bit of a question about that statement.

Uploading your tracks to newgrounds releases them under a creative commons license, meaning as long as the license is complied with the music can be used anywhere, not just on NG.

Your statement suggests a misunderstanding, is all.


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